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Created by Matt Colburn and Colleen King

Follow these steps:

1. Watch this video:

2. Take the Grammar Diagnostic. This test will “diagnose” your grammar issues by showing you your strengths and weaknesses and telling you how to improve.  Save your progress by printing the test as a PDF and emailing it to yourself.

3. Each test question shows a rule number and letter next to it. This code is a reference to the numbering system used by Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker. Write down or type up the number and letter attached to each question you missed (e.g. 20a, 19c, etc.)

4. Refer to the rules listed below and watch the videos for rules you did not understand. Refer to Rules for Writers, the text which these tests reference, as needed.

5. After watching the video for a given rule, complete the test related to that rule.

Reference Book: Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker


Verbs (28)

Parts of speech (46)

Quiz 46b

Quiz 46e

Quiz 46f

Articles (29)

The apostrophe (36)

Quiz 36d

Sentence fragments (19)

Test 19a

Run-on sentences (20)

Test 20a-b

Subject-verb agreement (21)

Test 21b

Dangling modifiers (12e)

Test 12e

The comma (32) &
Unnecessary commas (33)

Quiz 32a and 33a

Quiz 32b and 33b

Quiz 32d 33d

Quiz 32e and 33e

Prepositions (31)

Subordinate Clauses (48e)
Adjective Clauses

Semicolon (34)

Test 34

Sentence Structure (30)

The Hyphen (44)

Quiz 44e

Capitalization (45)

Quiz 45a

Quiz 45b

Pronoun Antecedent Agreement (22)

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